[Rspamd-Users] Per user/Domian Rules

Koby Peleg Hen koby at mksoft.co.il
Wed Oct 3 07:17:54 UTC 2018

   Hello Rspamd List
   I have few question please :

   1. how can is make different a rule with different condition per user
   and per domain which mean the following ,
       In short what I Would like to achieve is that
       From [1]test10 at example.com  To: [2]test1 at test.com      /zip/
       From [3]test10 at example.com  To: *@test.com             /zip/
   2. Is my thought is correct by assuming that any thing that NOT allow
   is explicit Deny
       means if in this example :
       "From [4]test10 at example.com     To: [5]test1 at test.com      /zip/
       Is that mean the all other attachment is deny by default ?
   Thank you for any help
   Koby Peleg Hen
   Mksoft Systems


   1. mailto:test10 at example.com
   2. mailto:test1 at test.com
   3. mailto:test10 at example.com
   4. mailto:test10 at example.com
   5. mailto:test1 at test.com

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