[Rspamd-Users] surbl-whitelist is not working correctly

Didi Kressnig rspamd at servus.at
Thu Nov 29 11:17:18 UTC 2018


I'm using centos 7.5 with the package from rspamd.com, postfix,
dovecot and amavisd.
The system is configured to use rspamd and amavisd together.

if an url is blacklisted in URIBL_SBL and a part of the url is
in the whitelist, the whitelist fires.

f.e. whitelist.com is in surbl-whitelist.inc but the ip address of
whitelistlist.com.xyz is listed in sbl.spamhaus.org, the url is not
recognized from rspamd.
amavisd see this url correctly and is moving the e-mail to the junk folder.

does anybody else see this problem?

thanx in advance.
PS: thank you for great work.

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