[Rspamd-Users] rspamd 1.79 and clamav

Markus Rosjat rosjat at ghweb.de
Wed Nov 14 11:30:51 UTC 2018

Hi all,

i try to use clamav with rspamd and put the antivirus.conf in override.d 
with following content:

clamav {
     attachments_only = false;
     symbol = "CLAM_VIRUS";
     type = "clamav";
     action = "reject";
     servers = "/var/run/clamav/clamd.socket";
     patterns {
        JUST_EICAR = '^Eicar-Test-Signature$';
    whitelist = "/etc/rspamd/white/antivirus.map";

when I do a test with a  eicar sig the mail gets rejected and I see it 
ust the JUST_EICAR pattern.
But if I actually try to a deliver a mail with a doc that is clearly not 
clean it seems rspamd doesnt seem to care.
So question is do I need to add more patterns or is there something I 
miss in general?


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