[Rspamd-Users] milter after queue

Manuel Garbin manuel at studiostorti.com
Sat Dec 29 13:37:17 UTC 2018

I think you need to use a content filter that have the ability to pass the xforward address in esmtp ( if you want to check rbl after queue ).
An example of structure is the classic amavis + spamassassin.
The problem is that i haven't found a project that support natively rspamd after queue.
For now i'm using fuglu ( python content filter ) with a customized plugin created by me that pass the email to rspamd -> https://rspamd.com/doc/architecture/protocol.html 
I'm using this because rspamd doesn't support multi recipient regroup.

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I install rspamd in a server and I use postfix milter from another server to scan outgoing e-mails.

I have a php script that sends mails. Before the rspamd milter the e-mails I sent using the php script where added in the postfix queue and the php script finish execution in few seconds. Then the e-mails in queue sent within few minutes.

Now it takes a long time because it sends e-mails without using postfix queue and the php script timeouts.

Is it possible to scan outgoing messages using rspamd after adding the e-mails to queue?
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