[Rspamd-Users] Block File by type or extantion

Koby Peleg Hen koby at mksoft.co.il
Tue Dec 11 10:06:53 UTC 2018

   In Mailscanner we use linux "file" command to check the actual file

   By the way it would be nice to have on option to choose one or more
   option for this.

   something like "check file type = " in the config file.

   Koby Peleg Hen

On 10.12.18 21:07, Vsevolod Stakhov wrote:

Rspamd has some heuristic about archives and images. I think I can add
something more. In theory, Rspamd is linked against libmagic. However, I
doubt its performance would be sufficient and many file types are just
useless in the vast majority of the cases. I have the task to
investigate libmagic performance and consider moving some of the parts
towards hyperscan in my short term plans at least.

libmagic support would be great. But libmagic is not bullet proof.
We saw working Word documents not detected by libmagic some days ago.
So even when configured, Amavis could not stop those files.

Would be great to have the option to also rely on filename or
content-type as now.



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