[Rspamd-Users] Autolearn rejected messages as spam

Ralph Seichter m16+rspamd at monksofcool.net
Wed Dec 5 17:25:31 UTC 2018

* Christoffer G. Thomsen:

> Maybe that particular message was rejected because it was sent from a
> host listed in a bunch of RBLs, but next time it or a similar message
> is sent maybe the sender IP won't have been picked up by RBLs yet.

Possible, I guess, although I have never seen this happen.

I have a cron job which trains rspamd on messages I manually move into
or out of the Junk folder (if using an IMAP client) and with messages I
tag as junk/non-junk in Notmuch mail. Interestingly, this usually
results in the following type of log entry:

  <some-message-id> is skipped for bayes classifier: already
  in class class spam; probability 99.49%

To me that seems to indicate that rspamd is doing pretty well training
the bayes filter without my manual intervention.


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